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Ultrasonic therapy

Ultrasonic therapy –

It is a form of energy that comes from the mechanical vibration . This energy propagates as waves of longitudinal compression and requires an elastic medium to be transmitted.

The piezoelectricity is the property that some materials present bodies or electric charges on its surface caused by mechanical compressions and expansions, when pressure is applied.
It is a reversible effect as the glass is compressed and expands with the frequency with which the poles are reversed.

The effect occurs in bone tissue, collagen fibers and body proteins.

Types of Ultrasound

Continuous ultrasound

-Not indicated In acute inflammatory processes, recent trauma, ischemic areas or with impaired sensitivity.
-He controls the dosage by the appearance of periosteal pain if local thermal overload.
-Maybe applied in the presence of osteosynthesis Steel.
-He used as deep thermotherapy and selective in tendons and periarticular structures.

Pulsed ultrasound

-The broadcast pulsating is currently used for its positive effects on inflammation, pain and edema.
-Is Indicated in acute inflammatory processes and with appropriate parameters since no thermal effects.
-When he did not produce pain periosteal , there is a lack of notice of overdose and we must be cautious in middle and high intensities.

Frequency Therapeutic Ultrasound

    • High frequency: 3 Mhz is. It is little penetration. Indicated in surface treatments.
    • Low Frequency is 1MHz. Increased penetration. Used in deep treatments.

Efectos de la terapia ultrasónica

  • Promotes relax muscle.
  • Increase the permeability of the membrane.
  • Increase the regenerative capacity of tissues.
  • Effect on peripheral nerves.
  • Reduction of pain.
  • Decrease or increase in spinal reflexes according to the applied dose.