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The platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is one of the most modern techniques of cell regenaración , called Plasmoterapia. Based on the properties of platelets. These small cytoplasmic fragments are capable of secreting a wonderful substance called Growth Factor (CF), which is responsible for cell drastic changes, including the recruitment of Peripheral Stem Cells “awakening known as cell reproduction Mitosis.”

Unlike other medical treatments currents not medical , is simply to harvest and implement its own cells responsible for cell regeneration in the right place at an impossible get your body alone amount.

Its application in painful joints and / or damaged hip, knee, shoulder, neck, spine, ankles, feet, torn tendons, etc. helps regenerate the affected area and dissipate the pain (in most cases even abandoning the traditional anti-pain medications) area.

The apps that we can offer in our clinic are:

  • Plasmo-lifting ( Facial and Body ).
  • Treatments hair loss .
  • Scars .
  • Treatments pain relief and post-traumatic.