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The word peeling means peeling or stripping. In cosmetics, it is that which produces a accelerated cell renewal of the surface layers of the skin. It has such diverse purposes as cleaning, nutrition, hydration, reducing the effects of aging, sebum-regulating action, depigmentation, stimulation of collagen …

The peeling is considered today a good choice, minimally invasive, which helps maintain healthy, cosmetically beautiful skin, and to inhibit the effects of aging


It is not necessary to have some skin peeling problem for you to have this, just for the exfoliating power, which causes cell renewal and stimulating collagen production, is a recommended peeling from 30-35 years to maintain the healthy, luminous skin and protected against external aggression.

The procedure is quick and easy, does not usually have complications or side effects and who makes what can be incorporated immediately into their daily tasks. Weather can be variable, but overall treatment lasts 30 minutes.

After peeling may feel slightly tight skin, very soft and smooth. Also you feel a slight sense of light anesthesia. However, all these annoyances disappear spontaneously after 15 or 30 minutes.

On the third day of the completion of peeling, experience a skin cell renewal process that will result in total skin peeling. After peeling, ending at 4-5 days, the skin appears smoother, flexible, thin and ruddy, with a more uniform color and high brightness.

Indications and precautions

The Precautions to follow are:

  • Avoid exposure to sunset as far as possible and use a high sunscreen during the first 7 days.
  • Avoid places excessive hot in the early days, such as saunas and jacuzzis.
  • Avoid make exercise on the same day of the application of peeling.
  • In the process of peeling not pull the skin peeling as this can cause hyperpigmentation (patches).
  • Moisturize skin as many times as desired days of increased exfoliation or tension.
  • Avoid for a week waxing or other abrasive treatments in the treated area.