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Micropigmentation –

Is defined technically as the deployment of pigments specific to epidermal level, completely harmless and painless, with absolute guarantee of hygiene.

This treatment also known as semi-permanent makeup . Micropigmentation is the result of evolution and improvement of dermopigmentation and makeup. This technique has been extended to improve:

  • The aesthetic appearance of the eyebrows, simulate hairs to correct the shape or make them thicker
  • The lips, to enhance them and Edit their appearance
  • The line of the eyes, to give more life to look extolling its size and shape
  • Also simulate freckles and moles

In addition to solving aesthetic problems, the micropigmentation is suitable for active people looking makeup which do not change with sporting activities such as swimming, or save time.

Another utility of this method is restorative micropigmentation. This application helps restore the appearance of the areola with postoperative scars or after breast reconstruction. It is also used to correct the most natural way possible malformations of lips, eyebrows, eyes, camouflage partial alopecia and / or totale scalp and only in specific and under medical supervision cases, you can camouflage a vitiligo localized.


The process is the deployment of pigments subdermally ( under the skin) . Our pigments are hypoallergenic, therefore fully support our body.

The thickness of the various layers of the skin (epidermis and dermis) is very irregular, and although the pigment at the same depth is entered. A touch after a month is usually necessary to firmly secure it. The pigment is gradually fading. The duration depends on the type of skin of each patient, the treatment area and the chosen tone. After this time, you may review it to retain the same initial intensity of color.

time of treatment it is approximately two hours . The pigmentation process does not start until the patient has correctly chosen the color you want and are completely satisfied with the layout previously done in pencil.

Before and after

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Case 2


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