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Intralipotherapy is a specific protocol developed by Professor Pasquale Motolese. With this technique work and through an injectable substance Aqualyx break gradual “lysis” of fat cells in localized anatomical areas.

is achieved

This protocol should only be performed by specially trained and authorized medical personnel.

Intralipotherapy with Aqualyx is a art indicated for the treatment nonsurgical of adiposity I located, provides for the use of specific needles Lipoinject series and requires prior anesthesia, if anything can be applied if the patient is very sensitive topical anesthesia, but is usually a painless treatment.


The number of meetings can be several between 2 and 5 (according to the size and area to be treated) with a period of 3 weeks between them.

Currently the largest international experts consider this technique as
an alternative to liposuction.

Is indicated for treatment of localized fat of small and medium-sized, in people who do not intend to undergo surgery as it is liposuction, since it is not necessary anesthesia or admission to any hospital.

The localized fat, in aesthetic medicine translates as the unwanted presence of excessive fat in body areas located not disappear with diet or exercise physical. It differs from the condition of overweight and cellulite, with which, however, can often be associated.