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There are many cosmetic surgery techniques that provide excellent results, however professional have created a technique called Bioplasty is ideal for those wishing to modify some part of your body that lacks volume without the need for surgery.

This technique is highly recommended cosmetic medicine and ensure that the results are very similar to those of a classic cosmetic surgery.

What is Bioplasty?

The Bioplasty is a mini invasive technique that does not require incisions, so no scars. It was created in Brazil by Dr. Almir Nácul.

It consists of applying an organic substance which is known as PMMA (polymethylmethacrylate microspheres) in the area to be treated to form a filling effect. The organic substance that is injected is not harmful and is compatible with the body, so no allergies or rejections occur. Thanks to this, everyone can have this treatment.

The substance is injected through microcannulas, in a simple process and very fast, on which no discomfort or pain occurs or damage the skin and tissues

Also, the post operative recovery is faster and the patient can resume normal activities in just hours after surgery.

What is the duration of the procedure?

The procedure of Bioplasty is done quickly, depending on the situation and the patient desired effect. It takes about forty-five minutes to an hour to treat areas face and body areas takes between an hour and an hour and a half.

Applicable zones

Some areas in which organic substances are applied:

  • Chin.
  • Mandibular area.
  • Cheekbones.
  • Butt.
  • Furrows of the face.

The advantages of bioplastia are:

  • Has Prices more Budget that surgeries and result are similar.
  • It is suitable for the whole body and face.
  • No produced allergies or rejection.
  • The procedure is fast .
  • The recovery is fast and without much care.
  • No is a surgery painful .
  • No lets scars .

It is widely used by people who do not want to undergo cosmetic surgery technique. However it is very good option to correct those body parts that feel little satisfied and end up with inferiority complex and low self-esteem.